June 2021 Festival postponed

It is with huge regret and disappointment that we are having to postpone the festival in June 2021.

After consulting the Government “roadmap” and also checking the guidance from Making Music, it has become apparent that although we would be allowed to rehearse in a venue of a suitable size, each person would have to be socially distanced, there could be no social mixing and we would have to observe strict one-way systems. Whilst people may be allowed to travel, there is no guarantee that hotels and B&Bs will have re-opened so members may find it difficult to stay and to find catering. Similarly, international travel may not have recommenced. The most worrying aspect is that if recovery is delayed by even 2 weeks we would have to cancel at the last minute.

For these reasons we have had to accept that our lovely festival is not viable at the moment. The committee will reconvene in a few weeks’ time when it is a little clearer how things are progressing against the anticipated timetable, to make a decision about the timing of the next PSM.

We very much want to keep PSM alive so will arrange Zoom sessions to mark the dates we should have been together. Further details will be provided in due course.

We hope that you and your families are keeping well and to see you again very soon.