Tuesday 28 May

Stanford – Coelos ascendit hodie

Stanford – Te Deum

Archer – Poem for Orchestra

Humperdinck – Suite from Hänsel and Gretel

Thursday 30 May

Sigurbjörnsson – Heyr, himna smiđur

Boulanger – Hymne au soleil

Purcell – My heart is inditing

Wagner – Siegfried Idyll

Saturday 1 June

Lauridson – Lux Aeterna

Liszt – Piano Concerto No. 2

Brahms – Symphony No.1

All concerts start at 7.30pm in the St. Thomas Church, Heptonstall – Click to view location
Tickets for all concerts are available on the door, but can also be purchased in advance by contacting:



An outline sample schedule for the week is as per the below:


1000: Arrive, meet and greet, music distributed
1000-1300: Rehearsals
1300-1400: Lunch provided
1400-1700: Rehearsals
Evening: Social event/Meal


1000-1300: Rehearsal
1400-1700: Ad hoc DIY sessions

Evening: Social/Games night


1000-1300: Rehearsal
1300-1400: AGM with lunch
1415-1700: Rehearsal
Evening: Social event/Meal


1000-1300: Choir
1400-1700: Dress rehearsal
1930: Opening concert


1000-1300: Rehearsal
1400-1700: Dress rehearsal; Ad hoc DIY sessions
1930: Chamber concert


1000-1200: Choir rehearsal
1300-1700: Dress rehearsal
1930: Finale concert
Church clearance; Farewell drinks